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Omnitrope 30 iu

1 cartridge contains:
Active substance: Human Growth Hormone 30 IU
Bodybuilding Benefits



Transparent oily solution.
Omnitrope Composition

1 cartridge contains:
Active substance: Human Growth Hormone 30 IU
Bodybuilding Benefits

Therapeutic Indication

Dosage (Men)

4 to 6 IU per day.
Dosage (Women)

2 IU per day.
Active Life

Varies by injection method.
Omnitrope Side Effects

Omnitrope Contraindications/Precautionary Measures


There are no registered cases of overdosage.
Omnitrope Stack/Cycle

The length of HGH cycle and the way in which they are run depend on the goal of the athlete and the length of the cycle of other anabolic steroids that are used, but if taken alone HGH may be used for a period from 16 weeks to 6 months. It also can be combined with drugs such as other insulin and T3.


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